her productions



A female operated all servicing production company.


her Productions is a female run production company based in Los Angeles, focusing on creative video & photo content. After all attending The New School in New York City the team gained several years of experience in their separate fields of Media Production that helped build a full servicing media production company — Young entrepreneurs, Nicole Franzen, Rachel Cohen and Vivi Rojas established her Productions in 2017. They were inspired by their surroundings and cultural backgrounds, with the hope of visually providing a voice to those that inspire them. her Productions works with an experienced team of DIRECTORS, CINEMATOGRAPHERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, SOUND MIXERS, EDITORS, GRAPHIC DESIGNERS, GAFFERS, ART DIRECTORS, CREATIVE DIRECTORS and etc. Collaborating with influential creatives, inspiring brands and captivating artists to create a unique visual representation for their clients.


Rachel Cohen

Nicole Franzen

Vivi Rojas